Petroleum Cores

We Offer the Best Quality Sandstone/ Petroleum Cores to Support Petroleum Research!

A number of tests are undertaken by the oil industry to ensure the quality of the oil as well as petroleum products in order to meet the recognized quality standards. For oil to be of best quality, it should be pure, unpolluted and clean. Kipton Quarry provides you with the means of testing and investigating the purity of oil extracted from oil wells. We offer sandstone/ petroleum cores to help oil industry to test the purification of the oil and also to perform research by the petroleum engineers and researchers.

Sandstone core is a sedimentary rock consists of sand-sized minerals. Petroleum industry extensively uses a variety of different types of sandstone cores for laboratory experiments and for testing the efficiency and cleanliness of chemical surfactants.

At Kipton Quarry, sandstone or petroleum cores are produced from Berea formation which is unique in porosity and permeability and thus makes it easier to quarry. These cores are free from impurities and are durable in its uses. We provide petroleum cores which are popular because of their magnificence, stability, firmness, versatility, flexibility and usefulness.

Our petroleum cores are quality tested at every step to provide standardized and state of the art products to our customers. We also continuously work on our petroleum cores processing techniques so that the quality of the raw material preserves to its fullest and remains undamaged and intact.

Petroleum cores at Kipton Quarry increases in its value with the passage of time and also performs its task efficiently and accurately in comparison to other human-made tools and materials. We provide petroleum cores to petroleum engineers for research purposes and also to oil industry. Petroleum cores help petroleum engineers/ researchers to perform different kinds of tests using sandstone cores to illustrate the different characterizations of oil productions. Researchers can also compare the results of these tests with the results of previous tests and thus can optimize their own processes. This helps them in decision making and improving the quality of their investigating techniques.

With the help of our petroleum cores, it will be very easy for you to explore and examine the quality of the oil. If you want your business to enhance and your research work to improve, we are the best choice for you.

Feel free to discuss with us your requirements for petroleum cores and we will be more than happy to help you get the most appropriate and suitable product of petroleum core to meet the needs of your work. We make deliveries of material on time and are very fast and efficient to resolve any conflicts if arises.