Stone Sawing

Over the years, as the quarry expanded its operations and refined its processes, the focus has always been on achieving perfection. The saws at Kipton are not just any ordinary machines; they have been meticulously calibrated and finely tuned to the unique type of stone that the region offers. It’s this specialized customization that enables the saws to produce results that are nothing short of masterful.

But what truly sets Kipton Quarry apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to precision. In an industry where every millimeter counts, Kipton’s ability to cut stone to within exacting tolerances is nothing less than awe-inspiring. This precision doesn’t just ensure aesthetic perfection; it guarantees that every sandstone product from Kipton fits perfectly in its intended place, whether it’s in a grand architectural project or a bespoke home decor piece.


For us, safety isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a core value deeply entrenched in every aspect of our operation. We believe that a successful mining operation is one that places the safety of its workforce above all. This commitment to safety manifests itself in stringent control measures that are diligently followed by every team member. From the entrance of the mine to the delivery of the finished product, safety remains paramount. As a result, our mining operations have consistently recorded a remarkable safety record that we take immense pride in.

Safety First

As a core value, there is nothing that trumps the importance of following tight control measures to ensure a safe and reliable operation.

Quality Control

Advanced technology and computer-aided models enable accuracy and precision in all our mining operations.

Waterfront Protection

The shores of Lake Erie, with their picturesque landscapes and serene vistas, are a testament to nature’s beauty. Yet, as with all waterfronts, they face the persistent challenge of erosion. Kipton Quarry, a name synonymous with high-quality stone products, is at the forefront of providing erosion control solutions that are not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing.

Uncompromised Quality

When it comes to battling erosion, the quality of stone used plays a pivotal role. Kipton Quarry, renowned for its dedication to quality, supplies premium stone products that are tailored for erosion control. These stones aren’t just rugged and durable; they blend seamlessly with the natural environment, ensuring that while you protect your property, you also maintain the beauty of the shoreline.