What is a Core


Nature has given man a lot of resources to improve his life. The earth is blessed with lots of minerals and elements that man has used to create and discover a lot of things; thus, the start of civilization and in this era, the modernization. Yet, improvements and discovery has never ceased. And along these new things comes also the convenience brought to mankind. And thanks so much to nature for it continuously provide the things needed for more improvements.

The constant conduct of researches to increase of knowledge has led man to discover that even the common sands that they just step on are very useful. Indeed, with time and more exposure to the natural occurrences in nature, sands are discovered to have great uses in significant activities of man. And one of them is oil mining. These can also be used in schools and other more researches and studies.

However, with some of its uses, it takes process before these sands can actually perform its useful function. They will then be called as sandstones. Sandstones are actually sand grains which have cemented over time. Some of these sand grains may also be from the big rocks but when these worn out particles are expose to the natural elements in nature without the disturbance of man, they again form another hulk of stones, the sandstones in particular.

These formed sandstones have accumulated different chemical compositions which make them different from any common stones. This is why scientists and other concerned individuals and institutions collect and quarry these materials. When these are now processed, they usually form sandstone cores. And these byproducts are used widely in oil mining.


Sandstone cores are actually cores are being produced from the Berea formation which is an expertise in Kipton Quarry. Yes, these sandstones are the chief material used in the Kipton Quarry. These are being processed to produce cylindrical objects that are perfectly shaped and bear no flaws on its surface. Then, these cylindrical sandstone products will be drilled to bear a hole in its middle part which is called the core hole.

When sandstone cores are already produced, they are then ready to be sold in the market. These are commonly useful for oil suction from the ground, reservoir analysis, and many other more very important tasks that man does for more improvements and convenience.

Whenever you need sandstone cores for your activity, Kipton Quarry is the best site to get these materials. And not just that, because Kipton Quarry is also producing other interesting sandstone products which may prove to be helpful in your work. These products have undergone inspection about their quality and standard.

Kipton Quarry also guarantees that their sandstone cores are from the Berea formation, hence, they are truly effective when used. With their modern and updated equipment and facilities, they also provide services related to the sandstone business. This may include sandstone sawing and mining. Aside from the sandstone cores from Berea formation, there are also offered sandstone blocks and slabs.