Equipment Providers


They are the leading developer and supplier of core sampling and exploration drilling tool. They supply clients all through the world with top quality core sampling, earth drilling, boring as well as in-situ ground testing tool.

The product range takes account of tools for getting geological samples in an extensive assortment of formations of the hardest rocks to softest soils. They also supply tools for in-situ sampling of boreholes as well as for the set up of tracking wells.

The company focus on their hard works on providing core sampling tools which assist the user to make the most of the productivity and lessen the costs.

AMS Inc.

AMS Inc is also one of the leading manufacturer of a variety of core sampling equipment which takes account of  hand sampling tools, dual tube sampling technology, portable ground water tracking system as well as powerful and the well-known Power Probe  Direct Push Drill Rigs.  This company is driven by the straightforward philosophy which every product is quality and work of art. Every piece of equipment they manufacture is custom built as well as carefully tested by their highly qualified staff, in order to meet the specs and the needs of their clients. Their diligent hard works to give a top grade product united with a strong dedication to client service has made the company solidified, as a main developer in the world environmental industry.

Accrotech Scientific

Core testing equipment developed by the Accrotech Scientific Company take account of core test equipment which perform a comprehensive range of dynamic and static tests. The selection of core testing equipments takes account of Liquid Limit Device, Sokkia Auto Level, Sand Pouring Cylinder etch. The core sampling tools fulfil the needs and specs for core testing as defined by different testing and certifying companies out there. These core test tools are easy to use, compact, rugged to use technology, accessible at cost efficient prices.  Each soil sampling equipment provided is precision-made and assessed for consistent and flawless performance as well as accurate core testing.


Shambhavi Emoex

Began by exporting lab and scientific tool, and more than years the range of items has grown. At this point in time they cover over 2500 products, including core testing tools. They are the leading exporter and manufacturer of scientific tool and lab equipment today.

The main objective of the company is to offer the most efficient company solutions with regards to competitive costs of different products, which take account of delivery, quality and services. Blends which will assist the company serve the needs of their clients.

These are just some of the top manufacturers of core sampling related equipment today. You can search online and read various reviews to come across the leading manufacturers of this equipment.