How Cores Are Used


When oil was discovered as a very useful substance to run machines, man has found every available means to continually support this function of oil. But the earth seems to have stored a lot of oil deposits scattered all over the world that man keep on mining them. However, once oil wells are almost depleted, it is not just right to just leave it there, right? Hence, this is the start of the use sandstone cores.

Oil Mining

Sandstone cores have proven to be very useful to man. A lot of significant activities of man seem to be needing more and more sandstone cores. Among these is the aforementioned oil mining. Because of the element composition of sandstone cores from Berea formation, they can be helpful in the suction of oil deposits from oil wells once these sources are nearing depletion. Sandstone cores have accumulated enough gravity force that when these are used in exhausting oil sources, miners can easily suck out the remaining oils.

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Because of the continuous use of the natural resources such as oil and gas, these elements have also posed as a great subject for study. Hence, there are institutions and organizations who have actually conducted researches about the oils used to run the machines that provide convenience for man and the useful gases used in almost everything to function. Analyzing the activity of these elements is found to be much easier to conduct using cores.

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Core Flooding Analysis

This usage may be related to oil mining. However, with core flooding analysis, it is more of getting more and more production. This involves an experiment that aims to imitate how an actual oil well functions. The sandstone core will be used to closely see how permeable an oil source is. The sandstone core which is actually taken from the Berea formation is used to be a miniature version of the actual sites in oil extraction.

In a research lab, the sandstone core which is perfectly shaped as a cylinder is then placed in its holder. Within the sandstone core, a fluid is forced into it through a syringe that pumps the fluid. The result will then be closely observed because this will show how an actual oil site will react to that kind of strategy. Through their findings, researches will be able to identify the right strategy that they must employ in the actual site.

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