High Quality Stone
from the Berea Formation


Premium sandstone block available in several varieties. Ideal for erosion control, oil purity testing, and more.


Beautiful, high quality, custom cut sandstone slabs for landscapers and architectural applications.

Aggregate Stone

Aggregate stone that is perfect for driveway base, landscaping projects, as well as commercial developments.


We provide petroleum cores from a variety of stone formations to researchers worldwide.


Our Location

The Pit

About Kipton Quarry

The open pit covers over 10 acres and provides access to a variety of unique sandstone formations. Recent geological studies indicate sandstone reserves of up to 400 million ton. of sandstone from the Berea Formation. This and other analyses allow customers to be confident that the Kipton Quarry will be providing Ohio sandstone to our customers for many years to come. The grey and buff stone mined from the quarry meet some of the most stringent quality requirements sought after by landscapers, architects, and masons.

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Comprehensive Guide to Aggregate Sandstone Uses

Aggregate sandstone, a versatile and durable natural material, offers a wide range of applications across various industries. From enhancing outdoor spaces to strengthening infrastructure, this sedimentary rock has become an indispensable resource

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Sandstone Core Analysis in Oil Exploration

Exploratory research in the petroleum industry relies heavily on sandstone core analysis to evaluate potential drilling sites. This critical process involves extracting cylindrical rock samples from prospective oil-bearing formations and subjecting them

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Blasting and More

Mining Operations

At Kipton Quarry, our commitment to innovation and precision is at the heart of our mining operations. We employ cutting-edge technologies and controlled explosive techniques to extract sandstone from the depths of the earth with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Our skilled team combines traditional craftsmanship with modern advancements to ensure minimal environmental impact while maximizing the quality and quantity of the sandstone we provide. 

Slab Production

Sawing Operations

we transform raw sandstone into exquisite slabs through our state-of-the-art sawing operations. At Kipton Quarry, we employ an impressive 11 1/2 foot diamond-tipped blade, a true testament to the fusion of technology and craftsmanship. This blade carves sandstone into slabs of varying thicknesses, ready to be shaped into captivating landscaping features.

stone sawing
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Watch as our eleven foot, diamond tipped blade glides through our stone to produce sandstone slabs of various sizes.
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Watch a series of videos showing our core production process and our advanced sandstone coring capabilities.

petroleum testing

Sandstone Cores

Diving deeper into the versatility of sandstone, Kipton Quarry proudly produces specialized sandstone cores that play a pivotal role in the realms of oil and petroleum testing, as well as scientific research. With each core meticulously extracted and handled, we’re honored to contribute to the pursuit of knowledge and progress on a global scale.

Erosion Control

Lakefront Applications

Kipton Quarry extends its expertise to the realm of erosion control with our formidable armor stone solutions. Harnessing the strength and durability of sandstone, we craft large, robust blocks that stand as a resilient barrier against the relentless forces of nature. These armor stones not only safeguard valuable lakefront property but also blend seamlessly with the scenic surroundings, creating a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.

View example photos of how our armor stone has been used to build property-saving breakwalls around Lake Erie.